Constitution - (Revised 2014) 1. AIMS
To promote the Border Collie in all aspects and safeguard the welfare of the breed.

A. To make recommendations to the General Committee of the Kennel Club with regard to:
• The Border Collie Breed Standard
• Registration of new Border Collie breed club societies
• Heath & welfare of the Border Collie • Development, assessment & protection of the Border Collie
• All maters raised by the Kennel Club General Committee to the Border Collie Breed Council
B. To consider matters raised by the Border Collie Breed Council member breed clubs - and act accordingly.
C. To organize activities which promote the positive development, health and welfare of the Border Collie.

The Border Collie Breed Council shall be a consultative body and shall not have any executive powers regarding the affairs of its’ member breed clubs.

A. The Chairman - shall be elected for a period of one year at the A.G.M. The chairman will have a casting vote at all meetings unless they are the sole representative of their club at that meeting.
B. The Secretary – there will be a permanent secretary elected for one year .The permanent secretary shall submit to the Kennel Club by the 31st July each year a copy of the constitution including any amendments, the names and address of the officers, a copy of the current judging list and a copy of annual statement of accounts. The secretary must be a member of a constituent society and has no vote.
C. Treasurer – the treasurer shall be elected for one year and they shall open/maintain the accounts held in the name of the breed council. All payments shall bare any two of the three officer signatures. The treasurer will present the accounts before the end of June each year, the financial year shall be from January 1st – December 31st.
D: The election of officers shall be conducted annually at the AGM. All nominations must proposed & seconded and in the hands of the secretary a minimum of 28 days prior to the AGM.
E: A Vice-Chairman shall not be deemed as an officer and will be chosen at the first meeting following the AGM, by the attending representatives. The vice-chairman will assume the full rights of the Chairman at meetings in the absence of the chairman.

Membership of the Border Collie Breed Council requires adherence to the following conditions:
A. Member clubs are current Kennel Club registered Border Collie breed clubs
B. Member club subscriptions to the Border Collie Breed Council are fully paid

Each club shall pay an annual subscription of £50. This will be reviewed annually at the AGM.
The Border Collie Breed Council shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the member club representatives.

7. MEETINGS Meetings shall be held when necessary, at least twice per year - 28 day’s notice will be given of any meeting. ! A meeting must be held by 30th June each year to approve the accounts and confirm the election of its officers by the 30th October.
Items for a meeting agenda must be in the hands of the secretary 21 days prior to the proposed date of any meeting.
Meeting representatives:
A. Each member club representative must be a current committee member of that club
B. Each member club may provide a maximum of two representatives at the breed council meetings
C. There shall be a quorum of five member clubs

Each member club will have one vote subject to the following conditions:
A. A member club must have been represented a minimum of 50% of the meetings within the previous 12 month period
B. A member club unable to send a representative is allowed to send their vote to the secretary on club headed paper prior to the commencement of the meeting.
C. In the event of an emergency a member clubs’ vote may be accepted by telephone or other media methods at the discretion of the attending officers.

Each member club shall forward to the secretary their current judging list and these shall then be combined according to Kennel Club recommendations. This list will be made publically available and forwarded to the Kennel Club.

In the event of a dispute the general committee of the Kennel Club shall be the final authority for interpreting the rules and constitution of the Border Collie Breed Council.

The breed Council may hold a contingency fund which will be used by the breed council at its discretion.