BVA/KC /ISDS Eye SchemeThe BVA/KC/International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) Eye Scheme offers breeders the possibility of eye testing to screen for inherited eye disease in certain breeds. By screening breeding stock for these diseases, breeders can use the information to eliminate or reduce the frequency of eye disease being passed on to puppies. At the centre of the scheme are two schedules: Schedule A and Schedule B.

Schedule A

Contains a list of breeds and eye conditions that are known to be inherited in those breeds. Under the Eye Scheme one of a specialist group of canine ophthalmologists (the Eye Panel) examines a dog to look for clinical signs of inherited disease known to affect the breed in question. If no clinical signs are noted for these diseases, then the dog is declared ‘unaffected’; if signs consistent with one or more Schedule A conditions, then the dog will be declared ‘affected’ for the relevant disease. These results are passed to the KC for inclusion in the tested dog’s registration database.
Only the results of Schedule A examinations are available to the Health Test Result Finder.

Schedule B

Is a list of breeds and conditions which are suspected of being inherited in those breeds. The panellists’ observations on Schedule B conditions are noted and returned to the BVA, but these results are not passed to the KC and so the results of Schedule B examinations are not available to the Health Test Result Finder.

In general, it is recommended that eyes are examined annually (except for gonioscopy [glaucoma predisposition] which should be done every three years by a separate gonioscopy test), with the advice given to breeders to only breed from dogs that are found to be unaffected (or clear) of all known conditions in the breed. Please visit BVA/KC/ISDS Gonioscopy for further details.

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